About Eisenhower

How does the system work?

Eisenhower enables enhanced productivity by plotting collections of tasks, called "Topics", based on their urgency and importance.

The mental processes used in Eisenhower are result of combining Eisenhower Decision Matrices and BulletJournalling, allowing for a visual method of determining task priority.

What is a topic?

You can think of a topic as a collection of related tasks. They help you group common/related tasks together, and act as the building blocks that keep things manageable and organised.

It's up to you how specific or general a topic is, just choose whatever works best for you, and experiment a little to refine this for your needs.

If you prefer general topics try using a timeframe as your topic's title, however if specificity is you preference spend a few moments thinking about what to call it. Your topic can help you clarify and focus tasks you're about to enter.

Don't worry about having only a few tasks in a topic either. Its much more about your thought processes than filling things up.

What is a Task?

Tasks are actionable items, any kind of actionable item. Some tasks require multiple steps to complete, others take just a few moments of your time. Some tasks have deadlines while others can be done any time. Its up to you if its worth making a note of.


Urgent tasks require attention at the first chance. They put us into a reactive state of mind, usually needing quick completion or a narrowly-focused mindset.

These might not be tasks that have an imminent deadline however, and need attention sooner due to how requiring a larger timeframe, or due to a lack of time to complete them closer to their deadlines.


Important tasks contribute to our longer-term missions, values, and/or goals. Sometimes important task are also urgent. When we focus on important activities we work in a more responsive way, allowing us to be more open to new opportunities, or a calmer workflow.

Creating a task

You can create tasks by clicking where you would like it to be on the graph. Remember that urgency and importance are independant of one another while plotting tasks.

We've deliberately left numbers out of the equation here. You should plot tasks based on where you feel they best indicate their urgency and importance in relation to everything else.

You may need to spend a few moments thinking about where to place your first task, but if you think its wrong at any point its perfectly okay to move it later.